stereographic polytope 8cell 150x150 New Role as Data ArchitectI have recently taken the position of Data Architect.

As I wrote on LinkedIn: “As data architect, I am responsible for creating a strategic and international data architecture and vision. This includes implementing data architecture standards and guidelines across the value chain; serving as the lead data architect for all data warehouse, reporting, and analytic (BI/DSS) projects; and playing a lead role in establishing data ownership/stewardship within the organization. ”

This is quite loaded.

As I settle in, I’ll be looking to prioritize our most pressing needs while consuming all that I can about our existing data landscape. This is bigger than the data warehouse, data marts, and BI applications I’ve been involved with over the past year. This is also bigger than the integration project I undertook (with the same company) over the course of two+ years while working on the quantitative investment team. I need to get my head around all aspects of our data, from our CRM system through to our ODS, from our master data management capabilities to our transaction processing. In addition, these systems all talk to each other through a network of messaging, transferring, and batch processing. Our integration and service architecture is maturing quite quickly, and we are constantly improving our alignment across borders, which means more data, higher quality, faster delivery. In many ways, our environment is robust and mature; in other areas, we can do better.

I intend to continue writing about data warehouse topics. But I also expect to write more about my experiences in this new role. I hope you don’t mind!